Research Cell

Research Cell was established in July 2009 with the collaboration of Pharmevo Pvt. Ltd.(A Pharmaceutical Company). The research cell is well equipped with modern computers, broadband internet facilities and printers that provide a conducive environment to continue the research activities having access to modern technology and recent updates about global medical research. The medical research cell supports primarily basic biomedical research that focuses on liver diseases (diagnosis, treatment and prevention).

The basic goal includes to investigate the pathogenesis of various disease stage at the cellular and whole-body levels with the ultimate intent of contributing to the development of better preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic modalities and to actively pursue a dynamic and multifaceted research program covering a continuum from basic, curiosity-driven biological inquiries to applied (bench to beside) investigations directed towards improved disease management.


Research completed

  1. Role of terlipressin & hemaccel in management of the hepatorenal syndrome.
  2. International double-blind randomized, multicentre study regarding the role of TZD & Vit. D in management Type 2DM & prevention of cardiovascular diseases.
  3. Study regarding side effects of pegylated interferon. (Guard C)

Ongoing Research Programs

  1. Role of consensus IFN in management CHC in NR to achieve SVR.
  2. Change in aetiology of SBP & its management.
  3. Incidence of cases presenting with hydrothorax in cirrhotic patients with or without ascites. Study of viral epigenetic in the causation of HCC.Q