Preventing Measures

How to prevent hepatitis?

How to prevent Hepatitis A


  • Wash your hands with soap after going to the toilet
  • Only consume food that has just been cooked
  • Only drink commercially bottled water, or boiled water if you unsure of local sanitation
  • Only eat fruits that you can peel if you are somewhere where sanitation is unreliable
  • Only eat raw vegetables if you are sure they have been cleaned/disinfected thoroughly
  • Get a vaccine for Hepatitis A if you travel to places where hepatitis may be endemic


How to prevent Hepatitis B

  • Tell the partner if you are a carrier or try to find out whether he/she is a carrier
  • Practice safe sex
  • Only use clean syringes that have not been used by anyone else
  • Do not share toothbrushes, razors, or manicure instruments
  • Have a Hepatitis B series of shots if you are at risk
  • Only allow well sterilized skin perforating equipment (tattoo, acupuncture, etc.)


How to prevent Hepatitis C

  • If you are infected do not let others share your toothbrush, razor, manicure equipment
  • If you are infected cover open wounds
  • Do not share needles, toothbrushes, or manicure equipment
  • If your skin is to be pierced, make sure equipment is well sterilized (tattoo, etc.)
  • Go easy on the alcohol
  • Do not share drug equipment


How to prevent Hepatitis D

  • Use the same guidelines as for Hepatitis B. Only a person who is infected with Hepatitis B can become infected with Hepatitis D.


How to prevent Hepatitis E

  • Do the same as you would to protect yourself from Hepatitis A infection.


How to prevent Alcoholic Hepatitis

  • Go easy on the alcohol, or abstain from consuming alcohol


How to prevent Toxic/Drug Induced Hepatitis

  • Make sure you know about the lethal contents of all chemicals
  • Make sure the spray is not pointing at you
  • Make sure you wear protective gear if you have to
Drink Boiled Water
Avoid Liquor
Eat Fruits After Peeling
Use Sterlised Equipment

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