Out Patient Department

Outpatient department (OPD) services are one of the important aspect of hospital administration. OPD is the mirror of the hospital, which reflects the functioning of the hospital being first point of contact between the patient and the hospital staff. This is helping both the patient and hospital as patient remains at house near the relatives and the hospital is benefited by less demand on hospital beds there by reducing cost on it patients. Therefore, providing the best OPD services is one of the primary goals of hospital administration.


The liver foundation Trust (L.F.T) was established in June 2003 with the objective to establish a liver unit for poor and needy patients. An old building belonging to DHQ Hospital was handed over to the liver foundation trust for renovation and start of the liver centre.


The OPD clinic liver centre, established since 1st November 2004, is providing service six days a week. It is committed to provide patients with access to the latest development for liver disease. We offer the highest technological service matched by an expert and caring staff. The physical setting encourages the patient’s recovery including support for their families and carers.


To help learn about the liver and how to take care of their liver condition. We believe that our patients should be informed and have knowledge about their liver condition. We provide the latest information in our OPD clinic at Liver Center.

Outpatient Department