Liver Centre At A Glance

Liver Centre At A Glance

Dr. Shaheena Hashmi

Executive Director Operations Liver Centre

I am honored to write these lines on behalf of Liver Foundation Trust, for Liver Centre. Liver Centre is a prestigious unit of liver diseases & the first of its kind in Pakistan for prevention, Treatment & Research of Liver diseases. Hepatitis is almost an epidemic in Faisalabad and its adjoining areas. Quoting national figures approximately 12% of the Pakistani Population either are suffering from Hepatitis B or C. Local Faisalabad figure suggests an even higher magnitude of this life-threatening disorder. No trained and equipped dedicated diagnostic and treatment facility for hepatitis existed in Punjab in General and Faisalabad in particular. Local philanthropists in association with Prof. Dr. Zahid Yasin Hashmi, Principal Punjab Medical College, came up with the idea of developing a liver Foundation Trust with the purpose of providing a center of excellence for diagnosis. Research and treatment of liver-related disorders.

A dream, an inspiration came true on 6th January 2004. When liver Centre was officially inaugurated by the Governor of Punjab on the 6th of January 2005. liver Centre aims not only to provide treatment & services to Patients suffering from Liver diseases but also to reduce the preva­lence of liver diseases through the prime prevention.

The functional departments of the liver Centre are as follows:


Endoscopy Suite

The endoscopy suite is equipped with the latest video endoscopic system (Olympus LX-180 series). A procedure like ERCP. PTC. Hemorrhoid band ligation, Balloon dilation act are done Department is headed under the expertise of Prof. Dr Zahid Yasin Hashmi.


Antiviral Unit

Many people in our society cannot afford antiviral therapy and thus feel helpless to combat this serious disease which is now becoming more and more serious. Liver Centre is a ray of hope

to Patients by providing them antiviral therapy either totally free of cost (TES) or on minimal price due to collaboration with Pharmaceutical companies. The Bait-ul-Mal scheme provided free antiviral therapy to 206 patients. Prime Minister scheme provided free antiviral therapy to 933 patients. Pharmaceuticals donations provided flee of cost. Antiviral therapy to 140 patients, the TF scheme has provided antiviral therapy to 2351 patients. The nominal price interferon therapy with concerned pharmaceutical companies remains 4290 patients. In total antiviral therapies given to 7906 patients.


Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic imaging consist of ultrasonography started in 2006 and image intensifier and the fluoroscopic unit started working in 2009. Medical imaging is provided to indoor as well as outdoor Patients with state of art ultrasound machine. Radiologist is present to conduct operations. Future plans are to equip the department for endoscopic and transoesophageal sonography. Liver Centre has started the ERCP procedure, which was previously not available in Faisalabad Division.


Research Cell

Research cell was established in July 2009 with the collaboration of PharmEso Pvt. Ltd. The research cell supports primarily basic biomedical research that focus on liver diseases (diagnosis, treatment, and prevention). The basic goal includes to investigate the pathogenesis of various disease stage at cellular and body levels, so that patient is managed in a good manner.


Indoor & out Patients Department

Indoor & out Patients Department are provided with medicine free of cost including analgesic, antibiotics. diuretics, laxatives along with their Lab investigation are carried free of cost. The Indoor has a general ward with a capacity of 36 beds. Intensive Care Unit of 12 beds. ICU has highly trained doctors and para-medical staff fully motivated and dedicated to cause.

OPD clinic started in November 2004 and was the last step towards the presently well established. The daily turnout of patients in OPD remains between 350 to 500. OPD is run by a very experienced team of doctors& consultants. Liver Centre has high reputation for treating Patients with care.


Mobile Health Care Unit for Liver Diseases

Liver Centre launched its first auto Mobile Health Care Unit for liver disease on 30th January 2012. Theme behind it was to extend basic health facilities to the periphery. Mobile Health Care Unit costs Rs3.2 million. Mobile health care unit remains a highly integrated state of art vehicle loaded fully with modern state of art equipment for screening, diagnosing, and treatment tools. Currently Liver Centre has two such MHUC.


Drug Bank

Drug bank provides poor patients medicine free of cost. Drug bank has broad-spectrum antibiotics PPI’s.Terlipressin’s, laxative’s, Diuretics and Transamin available for poor patients suffering from liver diseases.


Free Liver Lab

Liver center lab (liver Lab) is loaded with state of art modern diagnostic equipment & is headed by a consultant pathologist. Highly sophisticated tests like ELISA, Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) for Hepatitis B & C Viruses are carried out in the liver lab. The liver lab is recently equipped with fully automated CBC analyzer; Sysmex XP-100. Lab Staff is well trained and highly qualified.


Establishing a Centre was never the endpoint of the trust itself. rather it is now felt more than ever before that a mate of the art Liver Institute may be established at the existing facility. The resources available to the center are falling short of the expenses due to the tremendously increasing number of patients coming to the center. The management of the Center desire to deal with Liver disease in a broader spectrum and intends to build a Liter Transplantation Center as this is need of the time.

Liver foundation trust is thankful to trustees & Donors. Who are always very kind & joined hands with us for the betterment of humanity & mankind through their generous donations, sincere efforts 7 moral supports. It could have not been possible without their co-operation. Please make LET strong by supporting financially & morally. Your monitory support will bring Lists to many dead hopes.


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