Liver Center – Dealing Emergencies

Liver Center – Dealing Emergencies

It was 2005 when Liver Foundation Trust started functioning with the aim of treating the humanity suffering from liver diseases and not only improving the quality of life from the miseries of the chronic disease but also providing a ray of hope to those who cannot afford the expensive treatment therapy and in this way providing them to lead a healthy life with their loved ones. One of the main contributions in this regard is the emergency department which on daily basis receives the most high-risk patients suffering from chronic liver disease and its complications which often prove to be fatal if not given its due emergency management. 

More than 80% of the patients report upper GI bleed which includes hematemesis and melena and if not given immediate management, such patients may go into Hepatic encephalopathy. These patients are efficiently managed by our well trained and experienced medical staff by stabilizing their presenting complaint and then preparing them to become fit enough to undergo endoscopy in order to ensure recovery from one of the most fatal complications of liver disease. 

Then almost 10-15% of the patients land in the emergency ward with Hepatic encephalopathy and for which a detailed history is taken from the attendants in order to find the precipitating factor leading to the present condition of the patient. 

Our trained and skillful medical staff put all their effort into treating such emergencies and as a result, patients who present income, leave the premises of Liver Center with a thank-giving smile which rejuvenates new energy in all our medical staff to even work harder. Then there are patients presenting in the emergency with gross ascites not responding to the regular medications. Again these patients are managed with care and expertise as to decrease their misery and improve their quality of life. 

Liver Foundation Trust has been rendering its services with utmost dedication and honesty for the last seven years and its determined to continue in a similar fashion for many more years to come. May Almighty Allah bless the management of Liver Foundation  Trust and give them strength and faith in giving cure to the ailing humanity. (Ameen)


Dr.  Tahir Shamim

Admin Registrar  (Indoor)

Liver Center 

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