Labortory Department

Liver lab established in Dec,2005 in a small premises and started with few routine and emergency tests, now by the grace of almighty ALLAH it is located in propose build area and equipped with fully automated and state of the art equipments under supervision of well trained and highly qualified staff. All routine, emergency tests and specialized tests related to liver disorders as well as other medical disorder are being conducted in February 2009. PCR lab established and most updated system of real-time PCR of worth more than 3.0 millions, is installed. Both qualitative and quantitative PCR tests for viral hepatitis are being conducted.

Lab is recently equipped with state of art Bio-Rad PCR system, Roche C111 fully automated chemistry analyzer, Merck Medonic M 16 hematology analyzer etc.

All tests of admitted patients and poor OPD patients are done fee of cost.