Endoscopy Department

Gastro-intestinal endoscopy services are an integral part of patient management in any liver unit. The endoscopy suite started functioning in March 2006 with one fiber optic upper GI endoscope. Right now this department is equipped with the latest video endoscopy system consisting of one duodeno scope. There are two additional fibrotic gastro duodenum scope as well.


Procedures like ERCP, PTC, Hemorrhoid band ligation. Balloon dilatation of esophageal and pyloric strictures and insertion of PEG feeding tubes are being carried out successfully. ERCP unit equipped with latest fluoroscope/ image intensifier with best sterilization and delicacy with minimum risk of the patients.Our team is directly run by the expertise and vision of Prof.Dr Zahid Yasin Hashmi and his associates Dr.Maqsood Ahmed (Associate Professor),Dr. Malik Mahboob Aziz, Dr. Asif Raza (Consultant Radiologist),three staff nurses, two endoscopy assistants and other paramedical staff. As a part of continued medical education, endoscopy department arranged two endoscopy workshops with collaboration and the help of Professor Ghias un Nabi Tayyab(a renowned Gastroenterologist & Professor of medicine)


  • Endoscopy Suite including Adult and Paediatric sections.
  • Therapeutic procedure like OGD, Sclerotherapy, Band Ligation are done.
  • Other procedure like ERCP,TIPS are also available.


Endoscopy Department Gallery

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