Antiviral Department

Once a virus infection is established, antiviral therapy is the option for the control of the viral infection. In principle, all the steps in the virus life cycle ranging from entry to release can be explored as molecular targets for antiviral therapy. 


Many people in our society cannot afford antiviral therapy and thus feel helpless to combat this serious disease which is now becoming more and more serious. Liver Centre is a ray of hope by providing them antiviral therapy either free of cost (TF Scheme) or on the minimal price by collaboration with pharmaceutical companies.



Following are the number of patients who got antiviral therapy free of cost from AntiViral Unit of Liver Center. 


  • Bait-ul-Maal scheme = 209 patients
  • Prime Minister scheme = 933 patients
  • Pharmaceutical donations = 140
  • TF scheme = 2805 


4650 patients who got benefit by nominal price interferon therapy with concerned pharmaceutical companies.

In total, Liver Foundation has given antiviral therapy to 8734 patients.