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Social Responsibility 

The obligation of medical schools to direct their education, research and service activities towards addressing the priority health needs of the community, region, and/or nation they have a mandate to serve. The priority health needs are to be identified jointly by governments, healthcare organizations, health professionals and the public. (WHO 1995)


Social Responsibility of Medical Professional

To identify health-related challenges of the society, make strategies, devise measures to handle them.

The beginning/background history:

  • Started in 1998 in MU IV of DHQ/Civil hospital
  • by running daily Liver OPD, dedicating 2 bays to Liver patients and an Endoscopy room in MU IV in 1998
  • The concept of Liver Centre was conceived in year 2003.
  • Discussed the idea with a group of philanthropists on a cup of tea
  • LFT created and registered in 2003
  • An MOU signed with BOM PMC in 2003
  • Services block allotted, building renovated, equipped and liver centre started in 2004
  • Liver Centre Faisalabad comprises of 50 beds in all spread over an area of 17,700 sqft.

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